A Democrat vote means you favor:

    • No fossil fuel production.  Like the price of gasoline, heating oil and natural gas these days?
    • Inflation at a 50-year high.  The government prints money and hands it out, and it becomes worthless.
    • No freedom of speech.  Say the "incorrect thing," and you're sued.  Or fired.  No opinions allowed.
    • No civil liberties.  Don't think the vaccine is right for you or truly safe?  Sorry — you have no say.
    • De-funding the police.  Smash and grab.  No bail for criminals.  Policemen being shot.  Feel safe?
    • A weakened military.  Our top generals are more concerned with "equity" than winning wars.
    • Higher taxes.  You think the government spends your money more wisely than you do, right?
    • Unrestricted illegal immigration.  Your taxes support their education, health care, and housing.
    • Choosing your gender.  Do you like 45-year-old men in the girl's room with your daughter?
    • Woke corporations.  Everything is racist all of a sudden.  Color and sex far outweigh qualifications.

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